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Levi would move on from You Are My Sunshine to sing a Charlie Waller classic, Two Little Boys.  Levi's high lead harmonized perfectly with Sage and Baruch's voices.  At age 5, Levi performed Two Little Boys in Dallas, Texas for America's Got Talent.  The flawless performance advanced the three to Las Vegas to compete for a positioin in the TOP 40.

Levi began playing the bass at age 5.  Within 3 months, Levi would debut his new found talent in Las Vegas, Nevada for America's Got Talent.  Levi joined Sage and Baruch to perform Blue Moon of Kentucky.  Levi nailed the bass lines while singing  a high tenor harmony line.  The performance won high praises from the judges and producer Simon Cowell and tickets to Hollywood to compete in the TOP 40.  

Like Baruch, Levi is a huge Scooby Doo fan.  The two enjoy watching the old re runs.  Levi has another passion besides music.  He is the world's youngest expert on Titanic trivia.  Levi has watched numerous documentaries and read countless books on the subject. 

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