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The Wright Kids - Country, blue grass and more

Sage enjoys playing the violin in many different genres, including classical, bluegrass,  rock and jazz, to name just a few.  She also plays viola, as well as violin parts with her Conner 5 string fiddle.

Sage began playing mandolin at age 8.  By age 11, her solid rhythm and brilliant intonation was earning top honors in contests..  At age 12, Sage performed Blue Moon of Kentucky with Baruch and Levi in Las Vegas for America's Got  Talent.  Her rousing rendition of the bluegrass classic earned the three a spot in  the AGT TOP 40. 

When Sage isn't playing music, she likes to swim and ride her bike for fun.  Sage also likes to crochet belts, bracelets and necklaces and share them with Selah.

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